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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification
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 Star Wars Clone Wars: Gameplay Development

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PostSubject: Star Wars Clone Wars: Gameplay Development   Star Wars Clone Wars: Gameplay Development EmptySat May 08, 2010 9:31 pm

Basically, in this post I will explain a few key ideas to the mod that so far what consists of the dev team have come up with.

First off, Star Wars Clone Wars is a Jedi Knight Academy modification based off the fictional series constructed by George Lucas, specifically structured around the episodes of II and III. There are going to be several accurate and inaccurate additions to this modification, but our goal is to make it as fictionally fun and realistic as possible(paradox eh?). Several informational websites ( such as )
are key to helping us make this as entertaining as possible. Now there are several sections that need to be covered, and I will be updating this post frequently.


Within this mod, you have many choices to choose from. The main classes for now, though, are Clone Medic and Clone Trooper. Within each class, there are benefits. Those who would wish to train as a Clone Medic won't only be focused on doctoring soldier injuries; they will also need the basic battle training any clone would need to survive on the battlefield. Also, with the Clone Trooper class, the sky is almost the limit. There are many ways to update your character and for us to add updates to the game itself.

Clone Medic

- Can dispense ammo packs.
- Can dispense bacta packs.
- Can heal themself.
- Can heal others.
- Can revive others.
- Carry standard clone pistol(DC-17) and/or rifle.
- Have missions as well as another clone.
- Gains armor upgrades and/or fire rate and accuracy per level.
- Can go longer without food rations.

Clone Trooper

- Gains +5 to +10 HP per level up.
- Can carry up to 15 or more guns.
- Faster movement speed.
- Can equip tactical sensors.
- Has expanded missions(along with side missions.)
- Gains armor upgrades and/or fire rate and accuracy per level.
- Tech savy - operates vehicles and hacks panels faster and more efficiently than Medics.
- Start out with higher HP than medics.
- Need more food rations than medics.

====================->LEVEL SYSTEM<-=====================

In additive to being a Clone Trooper or Clone Medic in the vast Star Wars Universe, you can upgrade your characters with advanced fire accuracy and/or rate, with also a choice of getting better armor and/or def instead. It IS possible, however, to make a hybrid build that uses all of your level up points between the two. But even for hybrid players, you can't come close to godliness, lest the game be unfair. Let me go into depth about the level up points and such.

Upgrade Points

Now there are many things you can do with your upgrade points, not just upgrade your weapons and armor. Small things such as going longer without food rations, hacking panels quicker, and agility(your character's movement speed) can be spent on by your upgrade points. The amount of upgrade points you get per level up can depend on things such as how many objectives hacked on a mission, or your droid count per mission; it might even be dependent on how quickly you finished your mission. Only a maximum of 15 points per level up can be achieved, though. Your total UP will be displayed on the top right corner of your screen, and while you are on missions it might estimate the total UP you will gain the next level.

Experience Points

Experience points(EP) coincide with upgrade points, and are used to help you know when you level up. Experience points can be gained by doing tasks for npcs, whether it be running an errand or executing an organic. The main way to gain numerous amounts of experience points are through missions. Missions, however, can only be begun after level 15. Once you have leveled up, your experience bar(at the bottom of your screen) will reset. Also, there are no experience point penalties if you die or abandon a mission given to you by a npc. The total amount of experience points needed per level will not change except every ten levels, but the higher the level you become the harder it is to earn EP.


Now credits are used to buy armor and weapons from the supply line on the planet Coruscant and Kamino. This is not to say that UP points don't matter, but credits buy the visible outfitting and weaponry to equip. But you will find later that some weapons require certain accuracy requirements, and some armor may require agility, stamina, or strength to equip. Most credits can be gained like EP, through simple tasks and missions. It only makes sense that the better you are in combat, the better equips the Republic should give you, right?
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Star Wars Clone Wars: Gameplay Development
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